4400 | Sliding Glass Vinyl Door Replacement Parts

Color Guide

ALUM - Aluminum
AM - Almond
ANOD/AN - Anodized
BC - Brushed Chrome
BK - Black
BR - Brass
BRUSHED - Brushed Nickel

BZ - Bronze
CA - Clear Anodized
DBA - Dark Bronze Anodized
GN - Green
MP - Maple
OR - Oil Rubbed
PS - Poplar Sandstone

P/W - Poplar White
PW - Pewter
SN - Satin Nickel
SS - Sandstone
TN - Tan
WT - White

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Frame Parts 2005 to Present

Description Part # Colors Available
V44107 Glazing Stop V44107 WT, SS, TN
A44202SM Screen Track A44202SM N/A
A44101SM Sill Plate A44101SM N/A
V44304 Pocket Cover V44304 WT, SS, TN
A44206SA Roller Track A44206SA WT, SS, TN

Hardware Parts 2005 to Present

Description Part # Colors Available
H44200K Keeper H44200K WT, SS, TN
N40101 Roller Access Plug N40101 WT, SS, TN
N43100 Roller Access Plug N43100 MP
H44200RL Sash Roller H44200RL N/A

Hardware Parts 1994 to Present

Description Part # Colors Available
H44400ML 2-Point Lock H44400ML N/A
H44302 Foot Lock H44302 WT, SS, TN
H44200S Hardware Kits H44200S BR, OR
H44400 Hardware Kits H44400 WT, SS, TN, BC
H44401KA Keyed Cylinder-Keyed Alike-H44400 H44401KA N/A
H44401KC Key Cylinder (Single) H44401KC N/A
H44201 Keyed Lock Kit - H44200 H44201 WT, SS, TN, BR, BC
H44206 Turn Lever H44206 WT, SS, TN

Hardware Parts 1994 to 2008

Description Part # Colors Available
H44100RL Sash Roller - Old H44100RL N/A

Screen Parts

Description Part # Colors Available
PSHRDWIS Screen Hardware Bag Inside PSHRDWIS N/A
PSHRDWOS Screen Hardware Bag Outside PSHRDWOS N/A
PS4405X Sliding Screen For 5068 - 30" x 77-1/2" PS4405X WT, SS, TN
PS4406X Sliding Screen For 6068/9068 - 36" x 77-1/2" PS4406X WT, SS, TN
PS4407X Sliding Screen For 72" x 82-1/2" - 108" x 81-1/2" - 36" x 80" PS4407X WT, SS, TN
PS4408X Sliding Screen For 8068 - 48" x 77-1/2" PS4408X WT, SS, TN

Accessory Parts

Description Part # Colors Available
V44303 Sill Expander
V44303 WT, SS, TN
V44300 Patio Door Jamb Clip V44300 WT
V44301 Patio Door J Channel V44301 WT, SS, TN