5045 | Horizontal Slider Aluminum Window

5045 Horizontal Slider Aluminum Window

We have long been known for making one of the tightest horizontal sliders on the market. While many competitors hide their air infiltration rates, Gerkin touts a rate that is over 400% better than architectural standards. These sliders feature dual interlocks, dual weather strips and tapered sash rails, which allow for uncommonly low air infiltration rates. Our NFRC thermal numbers also boast one of the best found in aluminum windows. The Rhino slider offers a great overall value in cost and performance.

Our fixed and slider windows are so well made, that even Hilton Corporation has named Gerkin as one of their preferred windows.

5045 Series | Features

Rated Slider Window:

Rated Slider Window: AAMA LC-PG-45-HS rated slider window (12"" x 64" 3-lite slider tested).

AAMA LC-PG50 108" x 60" XOX

2 3/8" Thermally Broken Frame Depth

2 3/8" Thermally Broken Frame Depth: We offer thermal breaks in the frame and sash for improved thermal efficiency.

Polyethylene Foam Seal Pads

Polyethylene Foam Seal Pads: We use these at all sash and frame corners to ensure a tight fit that seals out light, air and water.

Integral Nail Fin

Integral Nail Fin: Nail fins are a standard feature for this window. The corners are closed, which allows for full perimeter flashing. As an option, Gerkin can remove the nail fin for masonry and sub-frame installations.

Jamb and Mullion Interlocks

Jamb and Mullion Interlocks: The use of two interlocks helps to reduce deflection and creates a snug fit due to reduced movement away from the weather seals. The structure of the window is enhanced and air infiltration is reduced.

Dual Weatherstripping

Dual Weatherstripping: This window features heavy wool pile weatherstripping with a Mylar fin on both sides of the sash. This means that whether there are negative or positive pressures on the window, there will never be a disconnection of weatherstrip, thus giving Gerkin one of the tightest sliders on the market.

Adjustable Zinc Chromate Carbon Steel Ball Bearing Rollers

Adjustable Zinc Chromate Carbon Steel Ball Bearing Rollers: These rollers are designed to last for years with trouble-free operation. Our sliders are among one of the easiest windows to operate with a maximum operating force of 18 pounds on the largest window we make. The rollers also offer a secondary height adjustment to help with sightline adjustments after installation.

Ridged PVC Sill Track

Ridged PVC Sill Track: With the deeper sill track on this slider, we have incorporated a secondary sill, which the sash rolls on. This PVC product is quiet, doesn't scratch and has a weep system that removes water from the operating area of the sash.

Self-latching Deadbolt Lock

Self-latching Deadbolt Lock: This level 10 forced entry rated deadbolt offers automatic locking when the window is closed. This is a great security feature.

Anti-lift Stop

Anti-lift Stop: Gerkin installs a security feature that won't allow the sash to be lifted out of the lock while the deadbolt is in the locked position. The window must be fully opened prior to being able to remove the sash.

Weeps with Baffles

Weeps with Baffles: Gerkin includes an open cell foam inside each weep hole, which restricts snow, dirt, insects and other debris from entering the window through the weeps.

Standard Options

Standard Options: We offer complete subframe and panning systems, snap trims, sill flashing, stacking frames, stacking "H" channel, structural mulls, mull covers and factory applied extension jambs.

5/8" OA Double Strength Glass: We insulate our own glass and offers a ten year seal warranty as well as a one year stress crack warranty. With the use of the Super Spacer® warm edge spacer system Gerkin ensures a long seal life and thermal efficient glass. Standard glass options are LoÉ3, Double LoÉ, bronze and gray tint, obscure and tempered. Internal glass grilles are also a standard option. Custom glass options are available. (Twenty year seal warranty for residential use)

Extruded Aluminum Screen Frames: The strength of extruded screen frames is a major maintenance cost advantage for Gerkin over easily damaged roll form screens.

Other Options: Gerkin offers insulated panels as well as a louver system with insulated or non-insulated blank-off panel for PTAC units. This unit can be incorporated into our Rhino window system and used in conjunction with any Rhino window.

5045 Series | Test Results

NFRC - AAMA - Energy Star
U-Value w/LoÉ3/Argon .37
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .24
Visible Transmittance .54
Condensation Resistance 45
U-Value Air Only* .42
Test Window | 120" x 64"
Class LC-PG45-HS
Air Infiltration .04 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 6.90 psf
Structural Wind Load 67.5 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) 31
AAMA Rating A440-08
Test Window | 108" x 60" (X0X)
Class LC-PG50
Air Infiltration .06 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 7.50 psf
Structural Wind Load 75.0 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) 31
AAMA Rating A440-08

*U-Values for our windows with 1/8" 366 LoÉ3 glass, air only, 1/8" clear glass, no muntins or argon in the air space.

Tested and Certified to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2 A440-08
U-Value/SHGC/VT/CRF Tested to NFRC 100/200/500
Thermal Values are 5/8” IGU w/ 1/8” 366/Argon/ 1/8” Clear - No Muntins

5045 Series | Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • BronzeBronze
  • Clear AnodizedClear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze AnodizedDark Bronze Anodized