5400 | Aluminum Patio Door

5400 Aluminum Patio Door

The new model 5400 sliding patio door is a great product for the commercial market as well as for the modern home design market. We offer a 2-lite style with sizes up to 8’x 8’. This door received up to a LC45 AAMA rating. The door is completely manufactured in our plant to ensure tighter doors that are built with the quality that we demand. This door will be a perfect mate for the 58F fixed window. Both have the same frame depth and can be ganged together for walls of glass and doors.

5400 Series | Features

Fully Factory Assembled Frame: Eliminates poor quality field fabrication.

Oversize Stainless Steel Rollers: Larger rollers made of stainless steel offer superior operation.

Extruded Aluminum Roller Track: Unlike most rollers tracks that use a "cap" over the roller track, this extruded track is stronger and will offer longer roller life with a consistent smooth operation.

Thermal Bar Break: With the use of the most efficient thermal break in the industry, this door offers impressive thermal performance.

1" Insulated Glass with Super Spacer: We insulate our own glass with Super Spacer®. This spacer is has the best thermal ratings of any spacer on the market. It also offers an industry best seal and argon retention.

Commercial Extruded Screen: We’ve bucked the trend in offering a commercial strength screen frame, which is built to far exceed the performance of lightweight residential screens.

Sizes Available: 96"x 96", 72"x 96", 96"x 80", 72"x 80" and 60"x 80".

5400 Series | Test Results

NFRC - AAMA - Energy Star
U-Value w/LoÉ3/Argon .371 .322
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .23
Visible Transmittance .53
Condensation Resistance 43
Test Window | 5400 | 96 x 96
Class LC-PG40
Air Infiltration .06 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 6.0 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/4 A) 34
Test Window | 5400 | 72 x 80
Class LC-PG45
Air Infiltration .06 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 6.9 psf
U-Value w/LoÉ3/Argon .371 .322
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .23
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/4 A) 34

*U-Values for our windows with 1/8" 366 LoÉ3 glass, air only, 1/8" clear glass, no muntins or argon in the air space.

1w/LoÉ 366
2w/LoÉ 366 and i89

Gerkin has tested a 96” x 96” and a 72” x 80” 2-Lite door which meets AAMA rated “Gold
Label” certification.
Tested and Certified to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2 A440-08

5400 Series | Colors

  • Clear AnodizedClear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze AnodizedDark Bronze Anodized