5900 | Single Hung Aluminum Window Replacement Parts

Color Guide

ALUM - Aluminum
AM - Almond
ANOD/AN - Anodized
BC - Brushed Chrome
BK - Black
BR - Brass
BRUSHED - Brushed Nickel

BZ - Bronze
CA - Clear Anodized
DBA - Dark Bronze Anodized
GN - Green
MP - Maple
OR - Oil Rubbed
PS - Poplar Sandstone

P/W - Poplar White
PW - Pewter
SN - Satin Nickel
SS - Sandstone
TN - Tan
WT - White

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Description Part # Colors Available
BSI2 Block & Tackle Balance w/ Shoe

3 digit balance ID is imprinted on tube
E11760BK Fixed Glazing Tape E11760BK N/A
V25110 Fixed Head & Jamb Glazing Retainer V25110 WT, BK
V25112 Fixed Meeting Rail Glazing Retainer V25112 WT, BK
F59100LS Lock Spring F59100LS N/A
A59109S Sash Lock @ 3" long A59109S WT, BZ, AN, DBA
V25605 Sash - Marine Glazing Boot V25605 WT, BK
H48100PB Sash Pivot Bar 2002 to 2010 H48100PB N/A
H58101PB Sash Pivot Bar 2010 to Present H58101PB N/A
F25101SP Screen Compression Spring F25101SP N/A
H40103 Screen Corners H40103 WT, BZ, AN, BK
V59020BK Setting Block V59020BK N/A
H59100 L/R Tilt Latch H59100 L/R WT, BZ, AN
F59101 Tilt Latch Screw F59101 N/A
F50813ST Tilt Latch Tamper Resistance Screw F50813ST N/A
V25014WB Weep Baffles V25014WB N/A