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Gerkin Announces new Window & Door Display Program

From our beginning in 1932, our primary focus has been to manufacture energy saving window and door products. Throughout our history we have established ourselves as an innovator in the design and manufacturing capability of insulated windows and doors.

We have developed new branded and contemporary styled window and door displays to showcase our Comfort Series® and Rhino® lines of windows and doors. You can select the configurations that best fit your showroom needs. In addition, the displays offered are constructed for easy installation.

The Gerkin Windows and Doors’ display program is intended to provide the high quality branded image you need in order to promote and sell our products. We look forward to seeing the displays in your showroom soon!

The modular display can be customized to fit in almost any floor space. Each window unit and patio door can be ordered as separate components and configured to fit in your showroom. A variety of windows and patio doors can be displayed to increase the visibility of Gerkin’s quality products in your location.  The display graphics promote the Gerkin brand and consist of feature and benefit information in order to create interest and increase sales of Gerkin Windows and Doors. Contact your sales representative today! Click here for the brochure on this amazing program.

Display | Window & Patio Door
Window Wall & Patio Door Window Wall
Display | Triple Window
Triple Window
Display | Double Window
Double Window
Display | Single Window
Single Window

Dark Bronze "DB" Exterior Now Available on Comfort Series

Dark Bronze

Gerkin Windows and Doors offers a dark bronze exterior color for many of our Comfort Series windows and doors. Choosing a dark color that won’t fade or age with time was not an easy task. Many vinyl window companies use paint or PVC films that easily fade, chalk, crack and scratch.

Gerkin chose an acrylic based printed film called EXOFOL. There is a monumental difference in performance between our acrylic based film and PVC film or paint.

The adhesive used on the acrylic wrap forms a solid bond when exposed to air and becomes one with the vinyl. It cannot be removed once it is set. This eliminates any possibility of peeling. The solid acrylic base reduces heat absorption, is UV resistant and withstands prolonged exposure to heat. The top of the base layer is pigmented throughout using “Solar Shield Technology” (SST) which reflects the sun’s rays and lowers the heat buildup. There are two transparent protective layers above the base film which is weather resistant and protects against UV irradiation.

The key to performance is moisture resistance. Gerkin’s PVDF top layer is more resistant to moisture absorption over PVC films and paint. PVC films crack and fail over time due to moisture.

Gerkin’s EXOFOL is unaffected by environmental pollutants, and is virtually self-cleaning with rain. It is even graffiti resistant, so virtually everything can be cleaned off the EXOFOL.

EXOFOL is best known for fade resistance. There is no fading that can be seen by the naked eye after 22,000 hours of intense UV testing on the dark bronze color we have chosen. That is equivalent to over 20 years of exterior weathering. After this extensive weathering, the gray scale grade on Gerkin’s dark bronze is 4. (5 is the original color) This means a color change is barely visible. By comparison, painted finishes will fade to a gray scale of 3 in just 4 years. PVC based foils show visible fading after just 5 years and show complete failure in color and stability after just 10 years in natural weathering tests. EXOFOL shows no difference in color or stability over the same period.

The Comfort Series products that are available in the dark bronze exterior are casements, awnings, sliders, single hungs, patio doors and matching fixed windows, side lites and transoms. We are ready to take orders on these products.

Gerkin Introduces Triple Glazing

Triple Glaszing

Gerkin is now offering triple glazed options for our Comfort Series casements, awnings and fixed windows. Our casement and awning windows can achieve a u-value as low as .17 when using triple glazing with a double LoÉ combination.

With u-values this good, these windows meet the much discussed R-5 window performance. R-5 performance requires a u-value to be at a .20 or less. We have achieved this performance with the use of 1 3/8" insulated glass and LoÉ on two glass surfaces.

Casement windows are available in sizes up to 36" x72" and fixed windows are available up to 28 square feet.

Contact your Gerkin representative for all of the triple glaze performance options and pricing.